Cleaning the teeth with tooth-jelly
A question concerning cleaning the teeth: Our dentist advised our child (CF) to clean the teeth once a week with elmex tooth-jelly. Is there any risk, Pseudomonas etc? Thanks for your answer!
Question not relevant for Archive
The local German question ("Erstattung von Fahrkosten") is not relevant for the English archive since it is of local interest only.
Next child
I am a father of a 4 year old daughter with CF. My wife and I, we are thinking about having another child, but 25% risk of having another CF kid hold us back in our decision. Therefore I want to ask, if there is any realistic chance of having a healthy child. I mean for instance methods of artificial fertilization. In Slovakia, in such families, amniocentesis is being done. If there is a positive result, there are two possibilities. We will have a second child with CF or my wife has to undergo abortion. My wife had a spontaneous miscarriage two years ago and it was very stressful. Thanks.
Categories of illness
The original Q/A "categories of illness" is country specific for the Czech system and therefor not relevant for the Archive
School – two children with CF
Hello, our son Dennis will start school in summer. Currently we learnt that there is already another child with CF at that school (third grade). Now our doctor is concerned, because the girl at that school is “badly off” and already had several bacteria, among them pseudomonas. Are we actually compelled to send our son to a different school? Many thanks in advance, Karin
Asthma inhaler
Hello, Because of an infection my general practicioner just gave me the asthma inhaler Salbuhexal®. Now I feel a bit uncertain because I have never heard that in connection with CF and because I am not sure to what extent a general practitioner is competent with regards to CF related questions. Can I use the inhaler without concerns?
Inheritance of CF
Dear experts, can you tell me, if a child of parents, both suffering from CF, will be born with CF in any case? Or is there a chance that such a child will be born healthy or as a carrier? Best regards,
Could you please give me some information about PTC-124. My children have the mutation F508/R553X. PTC-124 is according to my research only applicable for stopp-mutations. As a consequence also to the ones of my children? How far is the research on this field really?
Pseudomonas in cistern water
In our house cistern water is used for toilet flushing. The cistern is below the gorund level and is a concrete construction. The water is very cold. Can Pseudomonas bacteria live under these conditions in the cistern? If so, what is the influence of temperature? Does chlorination or any other hygienic precaution for swimming pools help to eradicate the bacteria? Should we stop using this water for our toilet?
alopecia (see question "Hair loss")
For 10 years I have alopecia. All laboratory tests are normal. Nobody can explain it.
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