Air humidifier with UVC disinfection
Which experience is available for the use of air humidifiers with UVC disinfection in homes of CF patients? Can such humidifiers be recommended?
Child's sport
My child who has CF whant to attend sport cluster. May I let him to do it? What sport is most beneficial for him?
Titanium valve/ emphysema of the lung
Dear expert team, We got a request in reference to an article, which appeared in the internet under,3147,OID4014800_REF2478,00.html . The question is if the method described there, using titanium valves at an emphysema of the lung in COPD can also be suitable in Cystic Fibrosis. Many thanks in advance for your efforts!
American vest and inhalator in Germany
Dear Experts, We are living in the USA and have a 12 year old son, suffering from CF. We are planning to fly to Frankfurt for 2 weeks in the autumn, in order to visit my family. We are using a vest and I do not know if we can use it due to the current difference. Can we hire such a thing in Germany or would it be easier for us to find some kind of current transformer? In case he would be positive for Pseudomonas by then and we need an inhalator and Tobi, is it possible to get this in Germany with an American prescription? In case we need medical advice in Germany, can we go to the university hospital in Frankfurt or do we have to make an announcement before? I am not familiar with the German system in the out-patient departments. Many thanks for your help, Yours sincerely,
Hypertonic saline
Hello, for how long can hypertonic saline (HS) be used? My daughter has inhaled it for more than one year, before she was on Amiloride. She expectorates better using HS. One of adverse effects is irritation of respiratory tract. Would not it be better to sometimes change HS with Amiloride? Thank You.
Comamonas testosteroni im Sputum
What is the clinical importance of Comamonas testosteroni im sputum samples of individuals with cystic fibrosis? Many thanks for your answer.
The newspapers are full of warnings against the adverse effects of antibiotic treatment. My pediatrician tells me that frequent or long term antibiotic treatment is not good. The doctor in the CF center however, prescribes antibiotics whenever my child coughs. I do not know anymore what's the best for my child.
Fertility / Risk of fertility in a man with CF
Dear ladies and gentlemen, a fertility test has shown - as assumed - , that I am sterile on natural way. However, the urologist has been able to extract two whole sperm cells from the sperm. Now my question: Do I have to take contraceptional measures due to these two sperm cells (probably sometimes there are three or ten or 5000) ? The statement of the gynecologist of my girlfriend was "no", as the risk to get pregnant from me was lower that in case two healthy people contracept with the pill.... Many thanks for your statement!
about vit K
My child 3 years old has CF form birth. He uses fat soluble vitamins. What about vit K?
My daughter 4 years old has CF. She is afraid to go to sleep. What do such children feel?
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