I.v.- therapy
Dear expert team! My son (29 years old) shows all characteristics of an exacerbation. CRP 130, hemoglobin 9,6, more infiltrates in the lung, suspicion of atelectasis, weight loss etc. He continues his basis therapy: inhalation of tobramycin (TOBI), Zithromax (drug:azithromycin) and Avelox (drug:moxifloxacin) orally. His doctor in charge is of the opinion that we can wait a little further. Is this correct? Yours sincerely,
Soap bubbles 2
Hello, The question was more if Pseudomonas can proliferate in the container filled with soap solution itself, for example in a "Pustefix" container. Best regards
Colistin CF for a 3 years old child?
Three weeks ago we received the diagnosis that our 3,5 years old son is suffering from Cystic Fibrosis. He is very well. Currently, he receives the following medicaments: In the morning: Inhalation with nacl 0,9% 1,5 ml and acc inject 1,5ml Ciprobay 3ml Cephalexin 10ml Multibionta Antioxidant Kreon At noon: Kreon In the evening: Inhalation with nacl 0,9% 1,5 ml and acc inject 1,5ml Ciprobay 3ml Cephalexin 10ml Now we have been prescribed Colistin CF (inhalation of 2 amp. per day). The package insert says: "… Therefore, the usage of Colistin CF is unsuitable for children under six years." Why have we been prescribed this medicament and what does the indication of age means? Best regards BB
I am 32 years old and suffering since my first year of life of an asthma. Now we would like to have a baby, but I have some concerns and want to have it made clear for myself first, as it is me who have to carry the child to full term. For the last 25 years I am taking the following drugs: Sultanol (drug: salbutamol) 3x Atrovent (drug: ipratropiumbromide) 3x DNCG (drug: chromoglycinacid) 3x 8 mg prednisone 500 mg theophylline Verapamil 2x L-Thyroxin (drug: levothyroxine) 1x Aarane (drugs: chromoglycinacid and reproterole) as needed Viani forte (drugs: salmeterole and fluticasone) 2x My pulmonary function differs a lot from time to time and the peak-flow results differ in the course of the day. I get along well because I am used to it like this, and because I am able to experience my life with my boyfriend as "normal". But I have some concerns if I am going to harm my baby and that it is probably egoistic to think of this thought. I have already answered this question some time ago, but I did not register. Probably this was the reason I did not get an answer. Many thanks in advance,
Visit at the dentist - sealing of the teeth
We have been to the dentist with my child suffering from CF. He advised us to seal the teeth. Are there any risks (Pseudomonas aeruginosa or others)? I would be pleased to get an answer from you. For the necessary drilling the sterile sodium chloride solution is adapted to an external connection in order to exclude the danger of Pseudomonas.
Fountain water
Hello, We are planning a vacation abroad. The travel organizer informed us that all pools are filled with fountain water that is exchanged every two to three days. The tap water is also fed by this fountain. Can a stay for a CF patient be recommended? Best regards A second question has been posed on this topic by the same questioner after the first answer: "This is the information of the travel organizer; is usage okay now for a CF child? Kindly excuse all these questions.": "The water in the children's swimming pool is not rain water but water from our fountain. In the basin there is a constant fresh influx. Therefore, it is unchlorinated. The pool is emptied and cleaned bi-weekly approximately since strong solar irradiation causes a slight algae accumulation that we remove by steam blasting. – thus permanently fresh water from our fountain with drinking water quality."
Pediatrician budget CF-drugs
Question and answer are special for the German medical system, therefore not relevant for the archive and have not been translated.
Is the usage of ECORN-CF expert advice free of costs?
Is all this for free (registration, etc.)?
Reflex massage
How is the benefit of reflex massage in CF, are there any intolerances? Is it advisable for severely ill CF patients not to do this kind of therapy due to side effects? Are there any parameters like pulmonary function or others for this kind of therapy? Many thanks.
My son (19 years old) suffers from CF since birth, including cirrhosis of the liver, pancreatic insufficiency, since 2002 diabetes - still on tablets - colonization with Pseudomonas, since 2006 colonization with Burkholderia cepacia - 2-3 times a year i.v. therapy. In September 2006 he started a training from the job center in Berchtesgarden (Germany). There he had to quit the training in december 07 because he was considered highly infectious for the other young persons. Does that mean as a consequence that he will not be able to take part in any training? Are there any regulations or conditions from the insurances? I hope you will be able to give me some tips. Many thanks vor your efforts. Yours sincerely,
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