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Clinic abroad with CF experience

Dear expert team,

I am planning to go away on a trip within the next weeks, pretty soon … most probably to Fuerteventura!
For safety reasons I would feel better if I had a medical address with CF experience in my luggage.

Furthermore, how can I apply for oxygen supply during the flight and what would be the cost? Thank you very much!

Dear questioner,

Further to your remarks I assume that you receive a long-term oxygen therapy. When traveling abroad, most oxygen suppliers provide a service which provides the client with liquid oxygen at the holiday resort. I recommend you contact the company that is your provider.

On the homepage of the Muko e.V. ( you find detailed advice on the topic oxygen during flight under "Reisen mit Mukoviszidose von J. Hammermann". For not German citizens reading this question and answer I will try to summarize the comments on oxygen during flight in a short version here: "In case you do need oxygen during the flight the airlines require a actual certification that flying is not endangering your health. You can either order the oxygen via the airline, the travel organization or you can bring it yourself (in that case not as liquid oxygen). The costs can differ a lot according to airline or travel organization, you have to ask for that information at the individual organzisations/airlines. Bringing oxygen by oneself is often cheaper, but has to be coordinated with the airline.

Regarding a clinic with experience concerning the treatment of CF patients, please contact the Muko e.V. [German patient organization]; they certainly have a list of clinics existing in the Fuerteventura area.

Best regards,
Dr. Christian von Mallinckrodt