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about swine flu

i have a question about the "hysteria" of swine flu .. what to do in this situation, we as parents? should we keep children (those with cystic fibrosis) home, even if in their school are not registered such cases? my child tells me that everyone around him sneeze, cough and I am afraid to leave him at school in May! also I have a question regarding the vaccination of children with cystic fibrosis .. where will they receive the vaccine? these children will have given priority considering their respiratory problems? Thanks in advance!
Indeed there is a panic related to the swine flu, but after all this is a viral infection, similar to other viral infections.
It is an infection with high infectivity and will be hard to isolate the child permanently.
Until now, the swine flu complications have occurred in children with respiratory and neurological problems in particular, children chronically dependent on oxygen or ventilation. The evolution of severe cases were complicated with over infection with other microbes (like staphylococcus, streptococcus). Among children with cystic fibrosis swine flu occurred in a small percentage and all the patients had mild forms (as if they had a common cold).
If your child will get the swine flu, he might receive an antiviral treatment like Tamiflu (antiviral drug) and other drugs (antibiotics) if a bacterial infection will be associated. If a vaccination program will be implemented, your child might benefit. Our strong recommendation is that your child should be consulted first by his doctor.
Best regards,
Dr.Simona Turcu
29.11.2010 On a European level it has to be stated that according to the ECSF Vaccination Group ( in "Immunization in the current management of cystic fibrosis patients" (2005)), Influenza vaccine is recommended annually for CF patients aged over 6 months. This implemented the seasonal Influenza before the occurrence of the "novel influenza"; in the winter season 2010/2011 there is an influenza vaccine available, containing the "regular influenza" as well as the "novel influenza"-- so that with the "annual flu shot" also the "swine flu" is covered.
D. d'Alquen