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Physiotherapy in private practice

hello, my 16 year old daughter, has CF and makes her physio 2 times a week in the private practice office, where other CF patients often have appointments at the same time. I am very worried about the risks of contamination by pseudomonas. Can she do her physio with a mask?
Thank you for your reply.
Dear Madam,
The advice we give to physiotherapists in their practice are based on the guidelines published by the French CF association:
For the physiotherapist in his practice:
- Wash hands before the session
- Wear a gown devoted to this single patient
- At the end of the session
o Wash hands
o Clean dirty surfaces
o Ventilate the room
- At the end of the day, disinfect room’s surfaces
- Plan the patients with germs at the end each half-day.

In addition, we advise them
- Not to let the patient visit the waiting room
- To do the session with him always in the same room.

For patients with resistant germs or fragile:
- Wash hands before going to the session
- Wear a face mask until he or she is in the room where the physiotherapy session takes place
- Wash hands at the end of the session
- Put the mask before going out of the room.

The patient can perform all the exercises (airway clearance, physical exercises, relaxation, massage) without a mask.
You or your daughter can ask the physiotherapist what precautions he has put in place to limit the risks of transmission of germs.

Best regards
Claudine Lejosne