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Fungus after water damage

the plumber discovered mushrooms under the ceiling of our bathroom.
Is it safe for my 8 month old daughter affected by cystic fibrosis?
Do I need to have her away some time during the work?
Thank you.

There are indeed fungi including mushrooms in the domestic environment in the ceilings of wet areas.
Aspergillus fumigatus, a fungus invisible to the naked eye can be dispersed when working in a house (change wall coverings, floors, ceiling)
To avoid lung colonization it is preferable that your daughter leaves the environment during construction.
It is also recommended to relocate or protect objects close to your child that might be covered in dust

After work, it is advisable to effectively ventilate the house and perform a wet cleaning of floors and surfaces several times to remove dust that slowly redeposits
Yann Kerneur