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CF child and pet

My daughter has CF and is 8 years old and in very good condition. She does not have pseudomonas. Her wish was a pet, so I got for her a Siamese kitten, which we keep in our apartment. The kitten is fully vaccinated and we have it for 6 months now. My friends insist that this is wrong and harmful for my daughter. Is such a thing possible? Till now I have not noticed anything different, just that my child is happier. What is your opinion? Thank you!
Dear friend,
Indeed, stray cats and dogs may carry various pathogens in their nails and fur.
In your case, however, you have a cat as a pet, which already lives in your house for 6 months, receives full veterinary care and your daughter is very happy to have such a pet.
Based on the above, I think that removing the pet is wrong. Your daughter is already attached to it, and the risk for infection is very small, even negligible.
If your child, however, contracts pseudomonas sometime in the future, this event must not be attributed solely to the pet that you have in the house, but to the fact that as the child grows, the chances for contracting pseudomonas increase accordingly.
Yours friendly,
Dr. Stavros Doudounakis