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Tyloxapol/ Tacholiquin® 0.1%

Dear experts,

do you have any experience with tyloxapol (trade name Tacholiquin® 0.1% solution) in cystic fibrosis (CF)? After inhalation, the solution is supposed to loosen the mucus in a physical way so that coughing will become easier. Can this agent be recommended for CF individuals or are there restrictions (according to the package insert, the agent can be used by children as well as adults)?

Many thanks for your answer and kind regards.
Dear questioner,

Tacholiquin® (tyloxapol) is produced by the German bene-Arzneimittel company. The product belongs to the group of so-called medical devices and, according to the definition, is not a pharmaceutical product. The difference from a pharmaceutical product lies in the fact that the main effect does not happen pharmacologically, metabolically, or immunologically but physically or physiochemically. Tacholiquin® has a purely superficial effect and is supposed to provoke mucolysis after application. This certainly brings up the thought of using it for CF individuals. According to the medical department of bene-Arzneimittel, there are no studies or analyses with Tacholiquin® as expectorant, particularly in CF, and the producer does not have any relevant field reports on hand. Among the CF patients treated here at Frankfurt University Hospital, we have not been able to gain any experience with Tacholiquin® inhalation.

We see Tacholiquin® inhalation as an agent with unproven effectiveness in CF, so that its usage for CF patients should always be decided on together with a trusted doctor and under medical supervision. In doing so, one will always have to bear in mind that hypertonic saline solution and Pulmozyme® (dornase alfa) are two available drugs that have been proven to be effective.

Kind regards,
Dr. Christina Smaczny.