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ozon - accupuncture

I hear everyday about these two methods? Can they offer/complement anything to the treatment of a patient with CF?
Dear friend,
As you yourself mentioned, these methods can only be regarded as complementary, and do not possess any scientifically proven effectiveness in the field of CF.
Especially for the ozon therapy, many ways of administration are possible : via the blood, subcutaneously, etc.....and also via inhalation. In here it has to be emphazied, that such usages cannot be recommended for CF patients, as there are no studies on the saftey for them. Especially the inhalation of ozone is in general not recommended any more, as it came to side-effects in the patients (headache, irritataion of the mucosa). So we would not recommend any therapy that has not been tested to be safe for CF patients.
As long as the patient follows to the letter, and does not neglect the standard orthodox therapy for the CF disease, according the instructions of the CF doctor, then he may use certain complementary treatments, if he wishes so and they are proven to cause no harm. However, the CF doctor must be informed of this choice, in order to monitor the development of the disease and to ask for the termination of the complementary therapy, is he judges that it interferes with the administration, or the effectiveness of the standard, orthodox treatment.
Yours friendly,
Dr. Stavros Doudounakis