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Is detoxification suitable for children with CF?

There is no point in trying detoxification in CF children, as it is not beneficial to their health in any way. Cystic fibrosis is a genetically conditioned disease which causes defects in chloride and water transmission in cell walls. As a consequence, the properties of patients' mucus are altered. I'm sure that your doctors have informed you about the impact of this on patients' organism. Cystic fibrosis treatment is a complex and sophisticated process which considers all new findings and which is based on proof of proper effect. Detoxification can definitely not be seen as a part of this treatment.

Understandably, proponents of detoxification never list cystic fibrosis among the health problems cured by this method. CF patients don't have low immunity (and if this rather rare condition occurs during the first years of a child´s life, it has to be treated differently) and their liver doesn't contain heavy metals or toxins. They don´t suffer from any other conditions for which detoxication is usually recommended. If any problems occur (e.g. flatulence, gastroesophageal reflux, exhaustion etc.), these are connected with the underlying disease and are treated as part of a comprehensive CF treatment regime. Probiotics are administered, as well as fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E), which function as antioxidants. Flatulence can be reduced by proper administration of pancreatic enzymes in microcapsules with every meal, as your doctor in CF centre has surely suggested to you. We would like to strongly warn against administering detoxification products to CF patients. Detoxification can in no way influence the underlying problem of CF. Moreover, various preparations may react together and there might be the risk of detoxification actually harming the patient, as detoxification products may react with the essential medications given to the patient.

We strongly recommend that you follow the advice given by your CF centre; theirwhose staff have substantial experience with appropriate cystic fibrosis treatment.
Dr. J. Brázová