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CF and vein situation

My three years old daughter has CF and Pseudomonas infection. Therefore we often go for intravenous treatment. I want to ask, if there is something for hardening of the veins, because our daughter must very often go for repunctureing and her veins burst very often. Thank you very much.
Dear Mrs.
Most departments taking care of CF patients with chronic infection of Pseudomonas aeruginosa prefer regular i.v. antibiotic treatment. Their frequency depends mainly on the patient's clinical condition. Children with CF have very often blood donations to follow development of the disease. Vascular wall is therefore detrimental, sometimes there is loss of peripheral vascular veins. For administration of medicines in the extreme cases must be ensure the central venous system. For example through swimming central venous catheter, porth a cath, Hickman catheter. To prevent damage of blood vessels in Slovakia Ascorutin (acidum ascorbicum, rutin) could be used. Bioflavonoids and vitamin C have a protective effect on the vascular wall. They are given from three years of age, in good tolerance also as long-term therapy.
Best regards Branko Takáč