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Progress of CF, stomachache & physiotherapy

I follow all the instructions, but I do not know if the physiotherapy I do to my child is enough or correct. What are the symptoms before the health of my child is severely affected? Is it true that stomachaches is a major symptom? It does not happen often and I am not sure if it truly happens, or my child uses it to avoid doing stuff.
Dear friend,
The physiotherapy regime you implement can and should be checked during your appointments at the CF Center you regularly visit where the airway clearance techniques you use can be assessed.
One sign for the progressive worsening are the frequent hospitalisations for the administration of intravenous medication.
A frequent symptom in children with CF is stomachache, which usually results from the child not taking the enzymes while feeding, or not taking enough enzymes relative to the food intake.
Yours friendly,
Dr. Stavros Doudounakis