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Water tank in VW bus


we are planning a trip with the VW bus across Norway for several weeks. For washing the dishes (we would be well dried of course), cleaning, etc. we entertain the thought of using the 40-l-watertank. We would put Micropur into the tank prior to departure to minimise the risk.

Is this a risk for an accompanying CF patient?

Dear questioner,

Tanks of automobile campers are especially at risk of being colonised with Pseudomonas aeruginosa and other kinds of pseudomonades or non-fermenters. Therefore, it would be recommended to use a ceramic water filter that can be bought for a manageable price in a specialised camping shop.

This means that the 40-l-tank is filled with water that was filtered through a ceramic water filter before. To protect the drinking water from bacterial contamination you could use e.g. Micropur (classic).

Persons that are particularly at risk should try to eliminate the risk of being infected by germs from the water pipeline system as much as possible by using an additional hand filter (just before using the water) because it cannot be excluded for sure that there are germs in the pipelines.

Best regards and a relaxing vacation,

Barbara Kahl