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Can antibiotics that are administered in form of an infusion be replaced by intravenously injected shots?

Dear questioner,

I assume that you ask for antibiotics which can be used intravenously in CF. You ask if these could also be administered in form of an injection (with a syringe) instead of an infusion (drip).

Generally speaking, in CF antibiotics are used intravenously to fight germs and in case of infections, especially Pseudomonas aeruginosa. These antibiotics (with the agents Tobramycin, Ceftazidime, Meropenem, etc.) can only be administered in form of an infusion and not as an injection (the amount of liquid is much smaller). The agents of the administered antibiotics have to be prepared for use with the respective amount of liquid and cannot be prepared with only 10ml or 20ml of liquid.

Best regards,
Dr. Christina Smaczny