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How is the mixing ratio?


How is the correct mixing ratio if I have NaCl 6% and NaCl 0,9%? My 15-month-old boy is supposed to inhale NaCl 3% which was, however, refused by the insurance company… only NaCl 6% was approved.

Many thanks


The calculation of the exact mixing ratio of NaCl 0,9% and NaCl 6% in order to get a 3% solution is pretty complicated and you get an odd number if you use 0,9% solution. Officially, you would have to mix 1ml of the 6% solution with 1,43 ml of the 0,9% solution. As it is not that important to get a solution that corresponds absolutely exactly to 3%, I would suggest that you mix 1,5 ml of the 0,9% solution with 1 ml of the 6% solution.
This means that for the daily use you would mix 2 ml 6% solution with 3ml 0,9% solution and would receive a total of 5 ml which can be used for a single inhalation.

Please ensure sterility during the mixing process.

Best regards,
Dr. H.-G. Posselt