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Our daughter has CF. there are black fungus spots in our garden house. Do these pose a danger for our daughter.
Dear ECORN-user,

As patients with CF become older, increasingly fungal pathogens, especially Aspergilus, are isolated from CF sputum. Generally spoken, patients with CF and isolation of fungal pathogens have worse lung disease than patients in whom fungal pathogens are not isolated. These fungal pathogens are usually contracted from the environment. It is not always clear whether isolation of a fungal pathogen from the sputum of a CF patient always means that this needs to be treated. We do know that specific complications occur such as an allergic reaction to the presence of Aspergillus and in some patients truly 'bronchitis' caused by Aspergilus or other pathogens. It thus seems wise to avoid contact with obvious sources of fungal pathogens.

Kind regards,

prof. dr. K. De Boeck