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pools with demineralised saltwater

Hi we are going to a resort in turkey and they advertise that they are environmentally correct and don't use drinking water in their pools.

the water in their pools are sea water which is demineralised (a bit of the salt is removed).

its a newly restored hotel 4 star

my concern is the safety of such pools using sea water
we dont want pseudomonas in our daughters lungs again.

Dear questioner

Pseudomonas aeruginosa (PA) is found in many natural and domestic environments including plants, soils and surface water, especially in warm and moist environments which contain organic material. Although PA thrives in moist environments, it is not considered to be a marine organism because the high salt concentrations in seawater are considered to inhibit its growth. Swimming pools are generally safe provided a recommended programme of maintenance is carried out – but standards vary significantly. PA poses a particular risk in spa pools and outbreaks of infection in non-CF people have been reported. In a study in Northern Ireland, 38.2% of pools were positive for PA.[1] Well operated pools should not normally contain PA.

However, in general, swimming pools are safe provided the recommended programme of maintenance is performed. Acquisition of a PA infection by a person with CF from a swimming pool has never been documented. Obviously the risks vary according to the location and it is impossible to generalise.

Best wishes
Dr Cromer