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What is the effect of Manuka-honey?

Is there any effect of Manuka-honey?
I have read that some CF patients eat Manuka-honey...I have read this in connection with MRSA, according to another forum, the quite expensive honey is supposed to alleviate digestive problems.
Could you say something about the possible mode of action?
Is it possible that at least a part of it is true?
Dear questioner,
there is no information on the effect of Manuka-honey in CF-patients. Recently appeared some quite interesting publications which investigated the mode of action of the honey especially on Staphylococcus aureus. It seems that the honey impairs division of cells. Furthermore it could have been shown that special stress-proteins can be changed by the honey. Clinical studies for the treatment of chronic wounds showed quite a success. If the honey could play a role in the chronic colonization and infection of the lung is not known. Therefore, at the moment it is not possible to make a statement about the effect of Manuka-honey in CF-patients.
Best regards,
Barbara Kahl