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Plane tickets

We planned to go to Martinique for holidays but due to the medical exams of my CF son, a dangerous germ has been found.
Therefore, a transfer to hospital is advised. Antibiotic treatment was recommended.
Therefore, the trip is being questioned. Not having any insurance, the Company denies me any refund for the plane tickets.
This situation could still arise in the future or should I give up any possibility of going on holiday? Thank you for answering me.
Dear G.,

In case of cancellation, the only way not to lose tickets or a trip organized by a tour operator is actually to take in advance a cancel insurance, making sure it covers cystic fibrosis, even in cases of recent hospitalization, because often insurance excludes preexisting conditions, for which there was a hospitalization in the months prior to departure (3 months or 6 months in general). If necessary we can refer you to a firm that provides insurance risks.

Best regards,

Dr. Sophie Ravilly Fereuze and Aziza (specialized social worker , Vaincre la Mucoviscidose)