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LVRC (Lung Volume Reduction Coil)


I (45, male) have an emphysema stage III and I would like to know if LVRC (Lung Volume Reduction Coil) could be a future method to increase FEV1 a bit…

Thank you very much.


The so called Lung Volume Reduction Coil (LVRC) is a minimal-invasive method for reducing the lung volume in patients with a lung emphysema. A Nitinol coil is implanted via a bronchoscope into the airways of the lung; the parts of the lung which are most strongly affected by the emphysema are "compressed" and the healthier parts of the lung have more space to fulfil their task. In case of success the lung function is improved and this leads to an increase of FEV1.

In your question you do not mention if you have CF but since you are asking a question in the CF expert advice we assume that this is the case. Therefore, I would like to add that the use of LVRC was up to now tested in connection with lung emphysema developed from other reasons (not CF).

Best regards,
Dr. Christina Smaczny