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Vital fungi – Reishi

can you tell me something about vital fungi in the therapy of CF? I am suffering from CF and have tried some month ago some so called vital fungi in the form of fungus- powder tablets. The Reishi fungus showed the best effect. I had the impression to breathe more easily and to sleep more deeply and more calmly at night.
Can you tell me if it is worth to invest in Reishi-tablets? Or should I better do without such a kind of natural medicine?
A search for the keywords “Reishi” and “Cystic Fibrosis” in the Pubmed data base, where all relevant articles of medical journals are stored, showed no items found. In the field of cancer research this substance is more known, however basically from animal experiments.
One postulated mechanism of action is via “immune modulation”. In how far this is also applicable to CF has not been investigated to my knowledge. In so far it is not possible to answer your question, if it is worth to investigate in this, due to a lack of data in CF.
It is advisable in any case to inform your doctor in charge about all additional therapies you are doing. In addition one has to take into account that an unkonwn therapie may lead to unknown side-effects so if there is no data about a certain therapy one should always be cautious.
Yours sincerely,
PD Dr. M. Ballmann