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Travelling with oxygen while seriously ill

I’m a mother of a 22 year old seriously ill CF patient. Our son would like to make a trip with friends to Zakynthos/Greece (8-15 juni). He needs oxygen continuously, at home 5l/hour.
What should we do in terms of oxygen supply? In both airports he will land in? Can we take his portabe oxygen concetrator? How many liter/hour can you take on the plane? In the hotel?
Which documents do we need? He has limited mobility and needs a wheelchair. We started an application with the health insurance agency.
The question was originally asked by a Belgian family on the Dutch platform of ECORN-CF and an extended answer was given in Dutch, referring to the regulations which apply for the Belgian questioner.
The rules and options for travelling with oxygen depend on the person needing oxygen, the local regulations and the services provided during your trip and at your travel destinations (by the airway companies and oxygen provider for instance). Conditions differ per country, for more specific information you should contact your CF clinic, local CF association or health insurance. Some travel agencies can be helpful too (but not all have enough experience to provide correct information, you‘d best double check).
The answer is not translated for the Central Archive, because the answer is not applicable for all countries, but more info on travelling with oxygen is available in the consensus paper on travelling with CF (from page 388) :

Karleen De Rijcke