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Are there recommandations against visiting natural caves for children with cystic fibrosis? I think especially about the Pseudomonas aeruginosa germ.
Otherwise what precautions should we take (wearing a mask) ...

thank you

Visiting natural caves exposes to a risk of contamination by germs that thrive in a humid atmosphere. Less risk for Pseudomonas aeruginosa if you avoid direct contact between standing water and respiratory mucosa, but knowing that fungal spores and molds can be responsible for infections of concern, particularly among immunocompromised patients. These visits are strongly discouraged for transplanted patients subjected to immunosuppressive therapy, patients treated with corticosteroids, patients with respiratory failure and patients during a respiratory exacerbation. Apart from these situations, even if there is still a theoretical risk that can only hardly be identified, we lack arguments to discourage an occasional tourist visit of a cave. Wearing a mask appears, however, careful to avoid the inhalation of spores. One should also avoid direct contact with standing water because it is a medium of proliferation of Pseudomonas and surfaces potentially contaminated by the faeces of bats because they can favor fungal development.


Dr Sophie Ravilly