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When to start school ?


In case is it possible, having the idea to spare infections, what do you think about the balance benefit/ risk to delay the beginning of school for a CF child when it is 4?
Thank you
Up to the age of 6 years, school is not compulsory in France. The education of the nursery school consists of 2 cycles and the first 2 years correspond to the cycle 1. During these 2 years, the child learns to share, to become autonomous, it develops its intellectual capacities.
Your child can follow normally schooling similar to that of his companions even if it can have specific needs bound to cystic fibrosis in a general way and to the demonstration of the disease for it (the forms of cystic fibrosis can vary from one person to the other one).
At first, and before making a decision, the doctor who follows your child can estimate its sensibility " regarding infections " and advise you on a possible adjournment of its schooling in 2nd year of nursery school.
As soon as you will have decided on the registration of your child to the school, it is advised to establish, according to the schooling of your child, an individualized support project.
It allows to fix precautions and precautions to be held to facilitate its integration (hygiene, hydration, drugs). It associates the parents, the referent pysician, the head teacher, the referent teacher and the school doctor. The coordinating nurse who intervenes in your Center can also accompany you in this approach.

Hoping to have answered your question.
best regards
marie-laure madec