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Physiotherapy student

I would like to start helping with cystic fibrosis as soon as possible and I am currently in my first year at a physiotherapy school. How can I help (internship, training, volunteering)?
Thank you for your understanding.

Cystic fibrosis is a multisystem disease implying the muscular, digestive, and respiratory systems but not only. Therefore, it requires the practitioner to be a resource for the patient regarding life hygiene as it will impact the evolution of his respiratory impairment.
Since this impairment will sometimes result in a obstructive respiratory syndrome and sometimes in a restrictive clinical expression, the practitioner must adapt his therapeutic choices to these sometimes daily changes. This situation implies a good knowledge of the respiratory physiology and of the whole physiotherapy techniques, too. I advise you to choose an internship in a type of structure such as a Cystic fibrosis resource center or a Department of pulmonology medicine, which you will complete with a specific autogenic drainage-related training or a degree in respiratory physiotherapy.

I hope this answered your question,

Best regards,

Bruno BOREL.