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chest congestion and frequency of physiotherapy sessions

Our son, aged 5 has always attended three physiotherapy sessions a week without showing any respiratory symptoms until now (little cough, no sputum). The therapist has told us that the sessions are becoming productive and offered to step up to daily sessions.
Is there any way to know if this congestion will be permanent (meaning the illness evolved and this situation will be definitive) and/or occasional and therefore require a temporary intensification of the drainage?
Cystic fibrosis has the characteristic to show different forms based on environmental factors (temperature, hygrometrics, humidity, pollution, seasons, etc.) but also related to hydration, level of tiredness, intensity of the physical activity, and of course the bacterial/viral lung flora.
Such a complexity requires us to avoid stereotyped therapeutic attitudes and to lean towards a daily adaptation. In this case, your physiotherapist took the right decision when changing the frequency of the sessions. The change brought by this daily health monitoring will be adjusted according to the evolution of the clinical signs. This modification is probably not definitive and when the situation will come back to normal, you will be able to step down to three sessions a week.

I hope this answered your question, and I will gladly provide any additional information.

Best regards,

Bruno BOREL.