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Administration of Bronchitol®

I tried Bronchitol® (active substance: mannitol) and I am rather content. However, the daily inhalation is very exhausting and time-consuming, as I have to vomit frequently at this due to the disgusting taste. This has not gotten better even after several weeks of usage.
I asked in the CF-center if it would not be possible to take the drug either
a) according to the need (thus in case of an increasing amount of mucus)
b) half of the dosage, thus 5 capsules in the mornings, 5 in the evenings.
What is your opinion about this?
the inhalation of Bronchitol® is exhausting - that is a statement from many patients. In case however, you have to vomit at this regularly and find it so very much disgusting and probably also lose weight, this makes no sense. In this case you should abandonne it and intensify the other sensible therapies.
According to the need does not make sense, as it is not a drug that helps fast acutely nor does it losen the mucus immediately. No study has been designed for this and therefore I would not do this.
Half of the dosage has been tested in studies, the effect has been markedly reduced and with regard to the fact that you rather do not tolerate it, this does not make any sense, either.
As said above: do those therapies that you tolerate intensively and omit the Bronchitol®.
Yours sincerely,
Prof. J. Bargon