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Hello, I heard about Mucolyplex® which would be able to decrease mucus production. Could you speak about this treatment ? Is it effective? Is it available ? Thank you
Dear questioner,
Mucolyplex® is sent in Europe/France by internet as a food supplement which is made from wilde Pacific salmon DNA and would be able to decrease mucus production. Another preparation based on the same substrate is Mucolyxir®.
To our knowledge, there is no study to compare effects of this product to placebo (similar looking medicine without activity) and double blind (doctor and patient don’t know if it is treatment or placebo which is administred) in cystic fibrosis patients. This kind of study is the best to judge a real medicine efficacy.
It is important to note that there are mucolytic therapies such as recombinant human Dnase or hypertonic saline aerosol whose efficacy has been prooved in cystic fibrosis.
If you want to try Mucolyplex® you shoud speak about that with your doctor and add it to your treatment without stop the classical medicine.
Sincerely yours
Dr Isabelle Danner-Boucher