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Flight duration

I had 2.5 years ago a pneumothorax, can I nevertheless go on an 11-hours flight without fear?
in general it can be said, that the occurrence of a pneumothorax during a flight is a very rare complication. An illness of the airways with an increased obstruction (narrowing of the airways) and so-called trapped air represents a risk factor, as well as bullae in the lung (bubbles of air) or cysts. A formerly described pneumothorax in the medical history also represents an increased risk for reoccurrence.
In general it is recommended, that about 6 weeks after a uncomplicated pneumonthorax, that became again fully unfold, a flight journey can be undertaken.
In case the patient has a severly damanged lung with a markedly increased risk for the reoccurrence of a pneumothorax, the decision has to be taken individually and should be taken in discussion with the treating CF-center. During or shortly after an infection (an exacerbation) a long-time flight should preferably not be undertaken.

Yours sincerely,

Wolfgang Gleiber