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17-month-old son with CF, Delta F508


My son currently has an infection (streptococcus pneumoniae in the throat swab). He has been prescribed Pancef®/cefixime (dosage: 1 x 5 ml, with probiotics 1.5 hours before intake). He weighs 11 kg.

Could you provide advice?

You are saying that your 17-month-old child (11 kg body weight) currently has an acute respiratory infection and that the throat swab showed streptococcus pneumoniae. You are also saying that he has been prescribed an antibiotic with the agent cefixime at a dosage of 1 x 5 ml (probably 100 mg) and that your child should take a probiotic 1.5 hours before taking the antibiotic.

Concerning this situation, it should be noted that, at the signs of an acute infection and proof of the germ mentioned above, your son should receive a targeted antibiotics therapy for 3-4 weeks (miminum 2 weeks). Cefixim is certainly effective in this situation and the dosage you mention corresponds with the general recommendations.

As for the use of probiotics in connection with the antibiotics therapy, opinions differ. I would rather recommend taking the probiotic only after the antibiotics therapy is finished.

Please talk to the treating doctor about how to proceed.

Kind regards
Dr. H.-G. Posselt