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Ribomunyl gra

Hi, does a justification exist for treatment of an infant (20months) by ribomunyl in order to support his immunity? Thank you for your reply.
Dear questioner,
as this is a forum for CF patients, I assume that your baby is suffering from CF. The mentioned drug consists of fractions of ribosomes (special particles within a cell) from different germs, which can cause infections of the respiratory tract. It is written in the instruction leaflet that it should stimulate the immune response in chronic diseases of the respiratory tract and should not be used to cure acute infections.
CF patients usually have no immunity disorder. Their immunity response is due to repeated infections exaggerated. Therefore drugs like ribomunyl should be tested first in CF patients before we can safely advice its use. As yet there are no studies performed in CF patients which prove its efficacy on the one hand and its safety at the other hand. Therefore I cannot advice its use in patients with CF.

The most important point is that you should mention all additional therapies you are thinking about taking to your doctor in charge, especiallyto your CF specialist at your CF center, because every CF-patient is different. Only your own CF specialist can assess if your child needs additional therapy and discuss with you the risks or possibly beneficial effects of drugs like Ribomunyl gra.

Best regards
Vera Vávrová