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CF and hepatitis

Is it desirable to vaccinate a CF child against hepatitis? If yes, does it mean both types, A and B? What time of the year is suitable for this vaccination? Is it possible to vaccinate against flu between doses against hepatitis? Thank you for your reply.
Hi, yes, it is desirable to vaccinate a CF child against hepatitis. It is preferable to vaccinate against both types - A and B (in case that the child was not vaccinated against B before). It doesn’t matter at what time of the year the vaccination takes place, nowadays it is good to start immediately. Vaccination against flu can be performed 14 days after a dose of vaccination against hepatitis. In general, there has to be no fixed interval between different dead vaccinations such as hepatitis A, B and flu vaccination; it is possible to vaccinate them all simulatneously, but sometimes an interval like e.g. 14 days between them is more practicable.
Best regard
Věra Vávrová