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Milk and milk derivatives

for a child with high sputum production, is it better to avoid or to forbid cow's milk and its derivatives (cheese - yogurt). I've heard that it promotes the production of mucus. Thank you for your reply
The theory of mucus hypersecretion associated to milk is very old: it is found in the writings of Maimonides in the 12th century, or in Chinese medicine.
Over the past twenty years, several studies have attempted to assess the influence of the consumption of cow's milk on the secretion production, and on the worsening of asthma.
None of these studies has yet established a causal link between the use of dairy products and increased production of mucus.
However, the importance of milk and dairy products in the diet of children and adults is well known and accepted by all. Milk and its derivatives are in fact an essential source of calcium: a multi-daily consumption of dairy products covers the calcium needs of the body, and thus ensures optimal growth and bone mineralization.
It is therefore essential to preserve cow's milk and dairy products in the diet of the child, even with secretion production.
Michele Gérardin