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I noticed that in response to a question about pools you recommend avoiding the footbath.
Could you tell me more? Can my CF child rinse his feet when he leaves the pool in the footbath, were there is a product (I guess disinfectant) to prevent warts? What should really be avoided when going to the pool? It's a boy, he has short hair, is it dangerous to use the hair dryer ?
A big thank you in advance for your answers and for all the time you spend for us.
In fact, the recommendations are "walk quickly through the footbath, take
a brief shower because the hot and humid atmosphere promotes the growth of microorganisms." (recommendations published in the USA in 2003 and again in France in 2004, see references below. An update is in progress but not yet published).
So it is not a problem to rinse their feet, what needs to be avoided is for (very young) children to play and splash in the footbath.
For the hair, drying is advised to keep moisture out of the skull and neck, especially in case of long hair. Using a hair dryer is not dangerous (see issue of April 2012, on ECORN).
Good swim,
Dr. Sophie Ravilly

“Infection Control Recommendations for Patients with Cystic Fibrosis: Microbiology, Important Pathogens, and Infection Control Practices to Prevent Patient-to-Patient Transmission”
Infect Control Hosp Epidemiol 2003;24:S6–S52