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Do edemas burden the liver additionally in case of CF?

Dear ladies and gentlemen,
many thanks in advance for your human commitment and your expert advice!
I have probably an exceptional however a very uncomfortable and important question:
Do regluar self-caused edemas, especially in my case at the penis shaft, burden the liver (in case of existing liver problems)?

I have CF and liver involvement (beginning liver cirrhosis, however with still completely normal blood and liver values) and concerning sex, I depend on so-called penis pumps due to an erectile dysfunction. By this, often an edema of the whole penis is developing, that subsides slowly after 12 hours. This does not cause any pain, nor does disturb me. I have however fear, that the removal of the water storage respectively the 30 minutes blood stasis in the penis shaft stresses the liver and by this probably burdens it? Or is the liver not involved at all in this and I am worrying totally for nothing?

I do not know and have great shame to adress my CF center, that does know me from childhood on and ask about this.
I thank you in advance for your answer!!!
Best regards,
I would like to answer this indeed not very usual question. Please take into account that there are no guidelines or something similar on this topic.
As the amount of water in the penis does not exceed assumingly more than one liter, the volume, that has to be removed is also not higher. This amount of fluid is in general managed by the kidney (it is the most important organ inhere) without problems.
The liver has rather nothing to do with it and you should not worry about this. The involvement of the liver causes only problems with edemas of the body if the production of proteins is reduced to such an extent that the water of the body can not be removed anymore. And that is only the case in very advanced liver cirrhosis.
Therefore: everything is assumingly harmless and in relation to CF not a problem at all.
Yours sincerely,
Rainald Fischer