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Bronchial congestion

My 18-months old CF boy has presented a rhinitis last week (this was a loose cough with a clear runny nose). Our physiotherapist said that supplementary sessions of physiotherapy were not necessary because the bronchi were symptom-free. On the other hand the physiotherapist of my friend, who has a CF girl, advices to increase the physiotherapy in case of loose cough. What is the correct attitude? What to do when a bronchial congestion is present? Do we have to contact the CF centre for every rhinitis or cough episode or is a pediatrician sufficient? It’s not so easy to know what to do … Thanks for your response.
Rhinitis is very frequent in young children and it’s always difficult to differentiate a common rhinitis from a possible bacterial infection. The answers to your questions are not easy because there is no formal rule. The best advice that I can give is, when you are anxious and unable to know what to do, to contact the MD of the CF centre for asking him/her about the therapeutic management, about the respiratory physiotherapy, and about the requirement of antibiotics after a sputum sample has been obtained.
Best regards,
Prof Jean-Christophe Dubus