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Cayston®, hemoptysis?

My son, 33, is told to inhale Cayston® (aztreonam) and has worries after reading the drug leaflet.
He has had 3 times hemoptysis with years intervals inbetween, 2 times he had to be admitted to hospital due to this, whereby it was not necessary to intervene in the end.
It is not written in the drug leaflet, how frequent this side effect is and if it can also come to dangerous hemoptysis.
Can he feel secure in case a hemoptysis occurs and he stops inhaling?
With a thank you and best regards,
B. S.
Dear Mrs S.
hemoptysis is frequent in CF patients and occurs often spontaneously. Hemoptysis can occur at any inhalation, especially if coughing occurs at it. In case of Cayston®, hemoptysis has not been observed cumulatively as a side effect in the studies and has been described only in single cases in children with subsequent urge to cough, tough only seldom in those cases.
However, one has always to weigh the advantage of the inhalation against probable possible side effects. Cayston® is a good drug for inhalation and for fighting the bacteria in the lung.
In case the physician of your CF center has it recommended, he should try it. In case side effects or hemoptysis should occur, he can of course stop it any time.
Yours sincerely,
Prof. Joachim Bargon