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Lung after DLTX (double-lung transplantation)

Dear expert team,
in case a CF patient has had a lung transplantation, is and stays the lung "free of CF" then? That means: does it not congest with mucus anymore? Or does one have to go on with physiotherapy and inhale mucolytic drugs?
Many thanks!
the genetic defect is not present in the "new" lung, so that practically everything should be fine. However, the germs stay in the "airways of the recipient", that are not replaced (nose-/thorat area, trachea, large bronchi), so that therefrom a new infection of the lung is possible. Furthermore, the new lung is not fully "healthy" due to rejection inspite of immunosuppression and cannot protect itself as well as a healthy lung against bacteria and viruses.
Bets regards,
Prof. Dr. TOF Wagner