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CF and airing of the house, house building

We have the possibility in our new house to use the air that has been cooled down in earth wires as airing for the rooms and air-conditioning. As our daughter is a CF patient, we ask ourselves if in the wires Pseudomonas aeruginosa could grow and can distribute via the air-conditioning in the house.
Here, it deals with a controlled air-conditioning / room-airing like in a passive house. We ask for help in making a decision.
Best regards,
family L.
Dear questioner,
I cannot answer your question nearly adequately, as I am missing the unfortunately necessary technical knowledge, and data about the bacterial contamination risk of such devices are not available to me either, even after ongoing research. Inhere, on the one hand technical data is important, that can probably be provided to you by the installation company respectively the manufacturer of the air-conditioning device. For sure the question is essential, if and to what extent humidity aggregates in the device and if this circulates. If yes, this does however not mean necessarily, that a health risk for CF patients e.g. via a contamination with Pseudomonas aeruginosa can be derived from this.
Possibly, in order to be able to judge this question in general, there is some data concerning a possible contamination with Legionella. These are humid germs, that are transmitted similarly to Pseudmonas and can cause illnesses in otherwise healthy people. From the manufacturer's and/or lawgiver's side, there is in case of doubt rather data, inspection specifications respectively safety instructions available on this.
Legionella would be a good marker for the risk of contamination with P. aeruginosa. In case of further testing it should be taken into account, if the device is equipped with particle filters (e.g. also because of mould fungus burden), if necessary bacterial filters are possible and how altogether maintenance and cleaning have to be handled.
Best regards,
Michael Hogardt