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Dear expert team,
I am a female CF patient (adult age over 40). Does an autohemotherapy help to minimize infections? I have read that the own blood is regarded as "foreign" by the body after the stay outside the body and so an immunoreaction of the body is initiated respectively its own immune defense ist stimulated.
Some patients report however, about good experiences with this therapy. However now I do not know, if it could help in CF patients.
Best regards,
the autohemotherapy is a therapy whose effect could not be proven in studies and therefore has to be judged with caution. The supporters state, as you write yourself, that via this therapy the immune system is stimulated and as a consequence, infections are more rare. In case of CF, however, the immue system is not the problem, as it is intact and even activated due to the frequent and often chronic colonization or infection of the lung with germs. Insofar it can hardly be stimulated and it would not bring any effect at all either, in contrast, via further stimulation it could rather be harmful for the patient (however on this is no data available, either). I would therefore discorage urgently from this.
Yours sincerely,
Prof. Joachim Bargon