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Is there someone who focusses on finding access to vascular system after some veins have been blocked and portocath needs to be replaced
Dear questioner,
if I understand your question right, you are a CF patient having problems with i.v. lines and you want to know, who is a specialist for access to vascular systems.
Ideally, the CF center that cares for you, is embedded in a larger institution, where vascular surgeons also belong to the team and can be consulted by the CF team in order to find a solution here. If necessary, you should ask your CF center where the nearest cooperation with vascular surgeons is possible. Maybe also the website of the patient organization CF Trust is helpful for you, under "in your area" you can find a list of all CF centers if you click on a certain region and you could get in contact with them to find out, where you could find the facilities in order to get the vascular problems solved.

Hope this helps a bit,
Best regards,
Dr. Daniela d'Alquen (Coordinator of the Central English Archive of ECORN-CF)