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My 10-year-old son has a very average saturation (91-92).
I would like to know what are the criteria for oxygen therapy?

Thank you in advance.

First of all, we have to know the conditions under which these values ​​were obtained.

Is this during an episode of bronchial infection (known as exacerbations)? In this case, it is useful to maintain saturation at values greater than or equal to 92% during periods of being awake and sleep​​.

Is it in the context of regular measurement of the saturation, without evidence for an acute infectious phenomenon? In this case, the measurement of a low value, taken by random, requires to face the recording of oxygen saturation over longer periods, particularly during sleeping periods. The physician may have to ask you to realize a nocturnal saturation recording (coupled or not with the measurement of other parameters). The decision of introducing oxygen therapy can only be taken on the basis of the results of this review.


Ph. Reix