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The qestion about MRSA to Dr Deirdre Gilpin

The qestion about MRSA to Dr Deirdre Gilpin

As i read MRSA doesnt trasmit throu air- it only hapen when person has lung disaes

MRSA is usually not spread through the air like the common cold or flu virus, unless a person has MRSA pneumonia and is coughing

So it means that i can not get MRSA from air

As was writen here !!

In this case doctor metined - when you have MRSA lung disease - it could be spread throgh air !! YES ??

It is possible for people who have MRSA (CF or non-CF) to pass it to household contacts or to people with whom they have close contact- even pets!- and recent studies have suggested that MRSA can be spread from the respiratory tract by coughing, sneezing and kissing. Partners of people with MRSA are at increased risk of transmission, probably because of increased bodily contact1. However, unless those contacts have a medical condition, its not likely that they would develop an infection but there is a chance that they become colonized with MRSA. This colonization may well be short-lived, but might be long enough to pass it back to the person with CF- this is particularly a problem if the person with CF is undergoing decolonization (i.e. a course of antibiotics designed to get rid of the MRSA).

In order to avoid a cycle of colonization being established, it would be important to consider some important, but simple, infection control measures2. Regular showering using a medicated wash, containing chlorhexidine and handwashing, particularly after coughing or sneezing, by all household contacts may reduce the risk of colonization- alcohol based hand rubs may be particularly useful in this case. In addition, regular changing of bed linen and bed clothes may cut down the risk of MRSA spread.

Dear questioner,
please excuse, but you did not formulate clearly, what your question exactly is or what you wanted to let us know.
To summerize the transmission of MRSA:
if you could get MRSA via the air or not, depends on the location, where the MRSA lives on the patient, namely if it colonizes only the skin, you cannot get it via the air. If it colonizes the nasal mucosa and the patient sneezes, drops of the sneeze that come in the air, can contain MRSA and you could get it via the air. If MRSA is found in the throat or even in the sputum (lungs) and the patient coughs, it can come into the droplets in the air and a transmission could happen.
Of course, other germs, like Influenza virus etc. colonize always the nose/throat area and mutiply enourmously in case of infection, so that those respiratory viruses are even more contagious via the air then MRSA.
Hope this answers your question,
please see all Information summerized at the following link:[showitem]=2868&tx_expertadvice_pi1[search]=MRSA

Here is the link to the original answer from Dr. Glipin:[showitem]=2118&tx_expertadvice_pi1[search]=MRSA%20partner

Best regards,
Dr. Daniela d'Alquen (coordinator of the Central English Archive of ECORN-CF)