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MRSA and contact with HIV patients


I have recently made friends with an HIV positive person and I myself am a CF patient chronically colonized with MRSA.
How great is the risk for the HIV patient and which measures do you recommend in order to minimize it?
Best regards,
Dear questioner,
as long as the HIV patient has a good immune defense with his drugs, an MRSA is generally not a problem for an HIV patient, like for all other healthy and immuno-competent people, either. As long as the HIV patient has no furhter impairments, like e.g. decrease of the immunologic situation, additional measures like e.g. a permanent i.v. line or other invasive mneasures, the contact is unproblematic. In order to avoid transmission, the most important measure is a thorough hand disinfection. In addition, you should pay attention as a CF patient, that you do not cough directly at the HIV patient.

Best regards,
Barbara Kahl