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Living in Morocco

I would like to join my husband who works in Casablanca with my CF baby. I wonder if my child's insurance coverage will keep going and what steps are upcoming.
Thank you for your help.
If you are going abroad to live there permanently or for an extended period you will need to get a private insurance at the “Caisse des Français à l’Etranger” (CFE). So you will continue to benefit from the French health common insurance coverage (100% Chronic Care Reimbursement).
The contribution amount is calculated based on earnings, age and family. A simulation can be performed on the website: or by contacting them by phone (0 810 11 77 77).
If you can attest that you live in France six months per year you can keep your current health insurance.
You can also get information about the current health coverage of your husband in Casablanca: you and your baby can benefit from it if your husband has got a health coverage insurance with his work.
To best prepare for this move, I encourage you to discuss with the doctor of your child's CF Center in order to:
- make the necessary contacts with local professionals who may be involved in first-line,
- discuss your training opportunities for bronchial drainage of your child,
- organize, if possible, Therapeutic Education sessions to cope better with your new living environment in a country where the treatment of cystic fibrosis is not organized (I have no knowledge of the existence of a hospital team with the expertise in Casablanca),
- discuss how you can keep in touch with your CF Center team.
Hope I have answered your questions.
Gilles RAULT, MD
Roscoff CF Center