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Further to sexual relations, the spouse of a CF patient complains about burns, blushes at the level of the vulva. Have you already had this kind of complaints? Can it be due to secretions rich in salt? What can be proposed to have relieve?
Thank you for your attention and answer.
Dear questioner,

Effectively, as you indicate it, when the partner affected by CF is a man, he can sometimes (but not always) build up a deposit of salt on his genitalia in relation to an important physical activity (sports, sexual activities) because of the high content of salt in his perspiration. The deposit of salt can provoke irritations in the patient. During not protected sexual relations, the possible deposits of salt can be deposited in the vagina of the partner, what can be irritating and painful for her. There is the risk of increasing embarrassments when having repeated sexual intercourses. To avoid this situation (let us remind, it’s not systematic), it is advised to perform a good rinsing of the genital parts of both partners, as soon as possible after the relations. It is advised not to use "classic" soap, which bears the risk to be too irritating. But soaps or lotions adapted to the intimate toilet are availabe in pharmacies, parapharmacies, hypermarkets. Also, in pharmacies, a soothing cream can be advised.

However, other causes, not connected to CF, must not be forgotten: mycosis notably, defect of lubrication... Treatments exist, but they must be adapted to the origin of the problem. So, I can only advise the spouse to consult her gynecologist or regular doctor who can easily put a sure "diagnosis" and propose a quickly effective treatment.

By hoping to have helped you
Best regards,
Laetitia Guéganton