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CT scan of the lungs appropriate?

many thanks for your help in advance!
Age: 36, male, in the frame of a genetic investigation at a center for reproductive medicine a genetic defect has been detected (before history of hypozoospermia, infertility diagnostics in case of CFTR-related disorder).
Bronchial asthma, allergic rhinoconjunctivitis, chronic sinusitis, deltaF508 heterozygous, >>> Exon 1-27:genotype: c.(1521_1523del) (;) (3080T>C), furthermore on the protein level: p.(Phe508del) (;) (lle1027Thr), actually normal lung function, exocrine insufficiency excluded, ultrasound of the upper abdomen without pathological findings, vitamin D deficiency, sweat test 1 in the control area with chloride 42, Na 67 mmol/l, second sweat test positive with chloride 61, Na 81 mmol/l.
In the department of pneumology (university hospital of Hamburg, Germany) a lung function test has been performed. The result was without pathological finding (98%). Blood values were also without pathological finding. Now a CT scan of the lungs should be done to be on the safe side.
My question: is it exaggerated to expose oneself to the radiation if I have no other complaints? Or do you recommend a CT scan in this situation?
Many thanks!
Dear questioner,
you report that you have been diagnosed to suffer from CF/CFTR-realted disorder due to the results of the investigations (genetic analysis and sweat test) that have been performed in the frame of infertility diagnostics. Now you want to know, if the performance of a thorax CT scan is necessary at the moment. You report, that you have a normal lung function test and no pulmonary complaints are present. The performance of a CT scan of the thorax is obviously aimed in this case to describe and protect the acutal health status. In case of CF, sometimes changes of the lung can be detected earlier in the CT scan of the thorax compared to the lung function, however, this does not mean that there are always therapeutic consequences. This investigation presents a level of comparability for the future. The decision about the performance of a thorax CT scan should be made together with your CF physician in charge (in any case we recommend a follow-up at a certified CF center).
We hope to have helped you with the answer and stay with our best regards,
Dr. med. Christina Smaczny
Please find more about this genotype under:[showitem]=2842&tx_expertadvice_pi1[search]=Ile1027Thr

D. d'Alquen