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Irritating cough

since a short period of time I have a strong irritating cough, so that I can hardly breathe in between! I inhale Bronchitol® as well as Tobi®! Probably one can help me further!
Many thanks in advance,
Dear S.,
you complain about an irritating cough and ask for help in your question. At the beginning of our reply we have to remain you, that the "expert team" can only inform, however not treat and from this perspective we now try to answer your question.
An irritating cough in case of CF can have very many reasons. E.g. a new infection, allergies, asthma complaints, drugs side effects, mistakes in the inhalation technique, gastro-esophageal reflux (acid from the stomach flows back into the esophagus) or another reason could be behind the symptom. In order to find the right reason for an irritating cough, the physician has to ask and investigate the patient in detail (physical examination, different breathing and blood investigations i.a.)
You report, that you inhale Bronchitol® as well as Tobi®. Both drugs can cause a bronchial obstruction and also an irritating cough in some patients. Therefore a so-called "before-inhalation" with a bronchial-widening drug is recommended. In here, the performance of a correct inhalation technique should not be underestimated. Here, the usage of small "tricks" can sometimes be helpful (e.g. in case of the Bronchitol Inhalation to drink a few gulps of water in between).
Our recommendation is to talk to your CF physician and a CF-experienced physiotherapist, have another teaching about the prescribed inhalations from your physician as well as from your physiotherapist. After this you could still decide with your CF pyhsician about further diagnositics in order to clarify your irritating cough.

I hope to have helped you to solve your problem and stay with my best regards,
Dr. med. Christina Smaczny