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At what timepoing oyxgen prescribable?

Hello to the answering team,
I suffer from CF and want to know, at what timepoint extra oxygen has to be given respectively can be prescribed.
The question arises as I have still normal values however at the moment quite strong dyspnea when walking and at slight physical activity. Drugs are at the moment not a real help, either.
Can oxygen already be given here? Is also the subjective feeling an indication for the administration of oxygen? This is often like this in my case.
Because the "severe" things (diabetes, for example) had in my case also a lead time for some years until they became evident.

Many thanks for the answer
for the prescription of oxygen there are guidelines from the medical societies, to which the health insurances adhere to. These pertain at least for Germany. Inhere, it deals for one part with the oxygen in the blood at rest and also after physical acitvity. This has to be tested at your center and if you have values, that are below a certain threshold, oyxgen can and should be prescribed and also taken. Not always the subjective feeling of dyspnea is accompanied with a decrease of the oxygen in the blood, however, this can be tested easily as mentioned above and then give a bit of relief via the intake of oxygen.
Please talk with your treating physician (CF center) about this.

Yours sincerely,
Prof. Dr. J. Bargon